Where is Marista located?

Marista is located in Leeuwarden in The Netherlannds

Can a marista representative call me?

We prefer to communicate by email.

can we come by, so you can listen to our music?

No, but go to our dropbox and fill in the form and send us (a link to) your music. We will respond within a few days.

We have a first mix ready, do you want to review it already?

Do not send us interim mixes, but always send completed (and preferably mastered) recordings. We can then immediately make a concrete proposal for a release.

We have already put our music on spotify and CD, do you still want to release it now?

Planning is important for the release of new music. Send us your music first before you let the world hear it. Our team always responds within 10 days.

Do you only release music digitally?

No, we always make a proposal to also release the music on CD and / or vinyl.