Marista is a record company that does not focus on a specific genre or style, but focuses on the artistic freedom of its artists. This gives you as an artist full control over the songs you want to record, the choice of studio and producer, and your own long-term artistic development and planning. Our team is highly automated and straight to the point, which allows us to keep overheads low and focus on promoting your music.

At Marista you are free to decide how often you perform and we don’t charge a percentage of your earnings if you do decide to tour. Our strength lies mainly in the promotion of your music, in which we provide extensive radio and press promotion in the Netherlands, Flanders and worldwide in collaboration with the Muziekpromotor team. We also provide worldwide digital distribution to major streaming platforms and can support the release and design of CDs, DVDs, vinyl and music cassettes.

If you have completed recordings as an artist, feel free to send them to us and let us know what your wishes and possibilities are. We are always open to listen to your music and plans. If we are convinced of your talent and plans, we can make an extensive proposal for publishing, distribution and promotion, and possibly physical release of your new single, EP or album.

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