We release a lot of music: both digitally and on CD or vinyl. Our way of working is highly automated. This enables us to offer highly competitive and attractive record contracts. We do not rent luxury office buildings from expensive receptionists. We do not waste time calling, meeting and negotiating.

We focus on your career as an artist and guarantee excellent worldwide distribution and promotion of your music. We work from a long-term strategy.

Have you recorded ready-made tracks, an EP or an album?

Let our A&R team listen to it. You can send us new music at any time – naturally without obligation -.

Our listening panel will respond as quickly as possible, but always within 10 workingdays. Perhaps you will receive a concrete proposal for the exclusive release, promotion and distribution of your music.

Are you ready for a recorddeal?

Have you properly recorded and mastered your music? 

And are you ready for the next step in your music career? 

Ready to perform with your new repertoire? 

Ready to share your successes on social media and your website?

'Do it yourself' works until you get succes!